Aloe Vera Plus GMO-free Quart 32 oz nongmo


Aloe Vera Plus used worldwide in natural beverages and traditional remedies, the soothing aloe vera plant has been employed both topically and internally for about 4,000 years to support health, stamina, and vitality. Research is beginning to validate many traditional uses of this succulent plant, including its internal use to support gastrointestinal health, a strong immune system, and normal blood sugar levels, and to help prevent inflammation. A refreshing break from daily stress, Neolife’s Aloe Vera Plus features pure aloe vera juice, Neolife’s special 3x Herbal Tea Blend (ginseng/eleuthero, “nature’s energizer,” plus chamomile and passion flower to calm and relax), important electrolytes, and vitamin C. A “glycemic edge” beverage, Aloe Vera Plus is a delicious, natural way to revitalize so you can best meet the mental and physical challenges of your day.


Aloe Vera Plus non GMO barbadensis meets all requirements of the International Aloe Science Council, a voluntary industry group that establishes standards for aloe vera products. “Gel only” filleting process avoids undesirables found in whole-leaf aloe. Neolife’s Special 3x Herbal Tea Blend. Includes ginseng/eleuthero, “nature’s energizer,” plus chamomile and passion flower to calm and relax. Important electrolytes. Potassium and magnesium for metabolic support of the body, especially the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Vitamin C. Each serving provides 170% of the Daily Value for vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports immunity, cardiovascular health, skin tone, and more. “Glycemic edge” beverage. Sweetened with fructose for quick and sustained energy. Great natural flavor. Pleasant-tasting aloe gel, delicious herbal tea blend, natural lemon flavor, and natural sweeteners add up to great taste. Only 16 calories per 2-ounce serving.

Additional information

Weight2.2 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in
Suggested Use

Drink 60 to 120 mL (2 to 4 oz.) per day.

Other Ingredients

aloe vera barbadensis, water, fructose, herbal tea blend (chamomile, ginseng/eleuthero, passion flower), natural lemon flavor, ascorbic acid, citric acid, potassium sorbate*, magnesium citrate, sodium benzoate* *To help protect flavor

Advisories & Precautions

Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.


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