Improve Your Mood with Fiber!

Fiber has long been associated with a healthy colon, but did you realize that a high-fiber diet can also enhance mood and lessen stress? A recent study conducted in Wales at Cardiff University's School of Psychology discovered that people with high-fiber diets are universally less stressed and have a more positive mood than those whose diets are lacking in the fiber department. Over a four-week period, baseline measurements of participants showed that those who regularly consumed a high-fiber diet exhibited a multitude of healthy benefits. Those with fiber-rich diets were less emotionally distressed, had fewer cognitive difficulties, demonstrated a more positive mood, had less difficulty falling asleep, and had lower depression scores than those who ate a low-fiber diet.

If you notice that your mood could use a bit of improving, you just might be among the eight out of ten people who do not eat enough fiber. Supplementing with fiber is a good way to insure you get the fiber you need, every day. Turn to one of GNLD's fiber products for the help you need! GNLD's Vitality Multi-Fiber Blend and All-Natural Fiber Food and Drink Mix provide easy and versatile options for adding the 10-20 grams of fiber missing from most Americans' daily diets. Both products offer a unique mixture of both soluble and insoluble fibers derived from a variety of whole-food sources and supplying complete fiber, just as nature intended!