Low vitamin C levels associated with stroke risk


Low vitamin C levels associated with stroke risk

If the thought of developing scurvy was not enough to get you to eat plenty of citrus fruits, maybe this will: a new study reports that low vitamin C intake may be a risk factor for stroke.

A recent study, conducted in Finland, found that men who had chronically low circulating blood levels of vitamin C were two times more likely to have a stroke when compared to men with higher blood levels of vitamin C. According to the researchers, the vitamin C level of those in the highest risk group was equal to drinking only half a glass of orange juice per day.

In addition, their chance of stroke increased if they were overweight and/or had high blood pressure.

This study underscores the importance of getting plenty of vitamin C in your diet every day. For many of us, it’s just not possible to achieve this through diet alone. Supplements are the smart way to ensure your daily intake of vitamin C.

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