How much Vitamin C is REALLY in your Orange Juice?


How much Vitamin C is REALLY in your Orange Juice?

If you’re counting on your daily glass of orange juice to provide you with the vitamin C you need, think again. Recent research conducted at Arizona State University East showed that an average carton of orange juice could lose more than half of the vitamin C listed on the label by the fourth week after purchase.

Investigators bought and tested several different types and brands of orange juice, and analyzed their vitamin C content. The three types tested were: reconstituted from frozen concentrate, cartons of juice with a screw-on cap, and orange juice in a milk-carton-like container. The tests spanned a 30-day period.

In the beginning, the frozen orange juice from concentrate had more vitamin C than the kind in the carton with a screw-on cap, while the orange juice in the milk-carton-like container had the least. However, as time went on, the vitamin C level kept dropping no matter how the juice was stored. For example, at time of purchase a 6-ounce serving of orange juice from a screw-top container yielded 49 milligrams of vitamin C. Four weeks later, a serving from the same container yielded only 18 milligrams of vitamin C. The end amount is just a fraction of what the label claimed.

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