GNLD Philosophy

What’s Right

Since 1958,all GNLD business actions have been guided by the powerful concept of What’s Right:scopeguy

For the Customer
At GNLD, we insure that each product we manufacture meets the highest level of quality possible today, and that all of our products truly meet the needs of people everywhere.

latinofamilyFor the Distributor
The GNLD opportunity is designed to allow anyone, regardless of previous experience or training, to own his or her own business. Even more important, with a GNLD business, the sky is the limit. You can build your business as big as your individual ambition, talent, and energy permit.

For the Company
GNLD’s longevity and consistent growth for more than four decades is proof that the company is built on sound business practices. Long-term planning with an eye toward future growth governs all company

For the Environment
Since 1958, GNLD has manufactured and distributed low-dose, low-burden, biodegradable household cleaners that are gentle on the environment.

For the Community
GNLD is proud of the many ways we support community programs that bring help and a little joy to people less fortunate. Through our Children’s Opportunity Program, GNLD men helmetssupports a wide variety of service organizations dedicated to helping the least empowered, the most underprivileged of the world’s children.