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phyto nutrients

Plant-derived, immune-supporting compounds. Your age-defying answer to a lifetime of better health. The most important word you won’t find in the dictionary…yet!

The concept is so revolutionary, the word "phytonutrient" doesn’t yet appear in the dictionary, but GNLD has known about phytonutrients for more than 40 years. In fact, we developed the original phytonutrient supplement: Formula IV®. For four decades, we’ve understood that phytonutrients are critical to your good health!

Defining phytonutrients
Phytonutrients are families of powerful natural compounds Mother Nature packs into plants to help them thrive in the face of oxidative stress. These include plant pigments found in the richly-colored flesh of many fruits and vegetables. When you eat whole fruits and vegetables, you receive the full benefits of Mother Nature’s antioxidant power!
Study after study proves that a phytonutrient-dense diet nourishes cells and promotes healthy cellular tissue, which supports a lifetime of optimal health. Feel great, enjoy more energy and vitality, and discover a higher quality of life – possibly even a longer one – with phytonutrients!For optimal phytocellular power and antioxidant activity, you need these important nutrients every day:

* Carotenoids from carrots and other orange, red and dark green foods
* Flavonoids found in berries, grapes and citrus fruits, and
* Cruciferous compounds from vegetables like broccoli and radishes.Unfortunately, we’re not eating nearly enough leafof these! Statistics show that most of us don’t eat the five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by health organizations. Knowing this, GNLD scientists harvested 25 of Mother Nature’s best phytonutrient sources to create a unique, take-anywhere daily packette: PhytoDefense™. Each packette contains 3 Carotenoid Complex™, 2 Flavonoid Complex™ and 1 Cruciferous Plus™.

Capture Mother Nature’s phytonutrient power!
Supplement your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and support your healthy immune system with PhytoDefense – the most important word for good health and longevity!