FAQs: GNLD Product Philosophy

FAQs: GNLD Product Philosophy

Q. Where do the colors for our tablets and capsules come from? Are these colors of a natural or an artificial origin?

A. You’ll be pleased to know that GNLD does not use artificial colorings in our nutritional products! Our tablets and capsules obtain their rich colors from natural sources contained in the individual products. This is just another example of the GNLD difference!

Q. Which GNLD products contain artificial flavors?

A. Only three product groups contain artificial flavors: NouriShake®, Super Ease®, and GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake. GNLD’s approach to flavor systems is to always look first to nature for 100% natural flavors for any product that requires flavoring. For example, all the NouriShake flavors contain one or more fruit concentrates and fruit powders in greater quantity than the artificial flavors used. Additionally, all of the flavor components are 100% safe and government approved for use in human food products. These flavor materials have a long history of safe use.

Q. MSG is a real concern to many consumers. Could GNLD provide a statement, in writing, identifying which GNLD products contain MSG. Also, could the SAB comment on the scientific facts concerning MSG’s affect on the body?

A. We do not add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to any GNLD product.

The position taken by some groups grossly exaggerates the relationship of MSG to certain food ingredients and diseases. While it’s not our place to comment on MSG’s alleged relationship to disease, we can’t deny that there is a controversy about this ingredient. The SAB could not, in good conscience, allow MSG to be added to any GNLD product.

Each raw material that we use in any given GNLD product must first pass our stringent Quality Control process. Moreover, each one of these raw materials requires different types and amounts of tests, which are performed by GNLD and our global quality assurance and control system. Additionally, GNLD requires specification sheets and Certificates of Analysis for all nutritive food raw materials that we purchase, so that we are positive that the raw materials are worthy of being included in a GNLD product. It is exactly this type of attention to detail that reflects GNLD’s commitment to producing only the finest products available; that is the GNLD Difference!

Q. Does GNLD use any genetically modified components?

A. GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms caught our attention way back in the 1980’s. As we delved into the science and technology that was developing behind the scenes we quickly came to the conclusion that genetic manipulation of life’s blueprint DNA was a very risky enterprise. It was not without it’s promise, but it was truly a doubled edged sword with the potential for both dramatic benefit and catastrophic risk. On the one hand it offers the opportunity to “feed the starving masses” by creating new forms of certain crop plants that would grow where they previously wouldn’t, or produce hugely greater yields, or provide previously missing nutrients deficient in certain populations. On the other hand it held the potential to create virulent “monster” plants or animals that would displace their “weaker” natural cousins, reek havoc on the local flora and fauna where they are planted or farmed and ultimately force the natural form into extinction.

Of particular concern to the SAB was the idea of “transgenic” modification of DNA. This is the process of mixing genetic material not just from different species, but from different life forms. Plants were being given genes not just from other plants, but from bacteria, insects and animals. And the reverse was true. DNA was being mixed and manipulated in a way that was absolutely contradictory to the rules of nature and the separation of life forms and species.

It didn’t take us long to recognize that this was not something we wanted in our products. Thus, years ago we made the decisions that would make sure that would not occur. We set new raw material standards that demanded all ingredients of plant or animal origin be free from genetic modification. We demanded that our suppliers confirm that the materials they provided us complied with that standard. And then we established the means to confirm that was so.

Today, you can confidently use GNLD products and know that they do not contain any genetically modified DNA, of any form or source. That all of the genetic materials they contain are the natural genetic materials Nature put there.

Q. Are GNLD products or ingredients organic?

A. While we do not use strictly organically grown materials, we do use only the best raw materials available. Just because a raw material is organically grown, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best available. If GNLD were to use only 100% organically-grown fruits and vegetables, the limited varieties of such foods would tremendously restrict the diversity of ingredients that could be included in our products. This would likely result in higher prices for consumers. Consequently, in the search for the raw materials needed to fulfill SAB product formulations, GNLD has chosen to take full responsibility for testing every raw material used in our products to make sure all ingredients are pesticide-free.

You are probably aware that each raw material must pass our stringent Quality Control process before going into any GNLD product. But what you may not realize is that GNLD uses more than 3,000 different raw materials in the manufacture of our products! Each of these raw materials requires different types and amounts of tests, which are performed by GNLD and our global quality assurance and control system. Should any raw material not pass our Quality Control procedures, we do not use any of that particular batch in our products. In addition to our testing procedures, GNLD requires specification sheets and Certificates of Analysis for all nutritive food raw materials that we purchase, so that we are positive that the raw materials are worthy of being included in a GNLD product. It is exactly this type of attention to detail that reflects GNLD’s commitment to producing only the finest products available; that is the GNLD Difference in Quality!

Q. At what temperature are all of our products processed?

A. Our products are processed with as little heat and moisture as possible to maximize nutrient content. We cannot reveal the precise temperatures of manufacture; that is considered proprietary information. The amount of heat used is only as much is as needed to complete manufacturing and no more. We then test the finished products to insure that the full nutrient spectrum we intend to deliver is present for consumption.

Q. Not all of the ingredients listed on GNLD product labels look familiar. Could those ingredients be harmful?

A. We can assure you that ALL the ingredients we use are perfectly safe, and have been used without incident. Additionally, the ingredients we use in our products all have a long history of safe use, and are the best sources available.

We would like to take this opportunity to further assure you that the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members would never allow a questionable ingredient to be used in any GNLD product. Additionally, the members of the SAB continue to maintain a close watch on any research that might call into question the safety any of the ingredients we use. Furthermore, our "What’s Right" philosophy ensures that each product developed and manufactured by GNLD will be an exceptional offering, made with only the highest quality, highest purity, raw materials available and that’s the GNLD Difference in Quality!

Q. What supplements can someone going through chemotherapy take to get healthy?

A. Both cancer and the therapy of cancer have significant impact on the nutritional status of patients. The aim of chemotherapy is to inhibit the replication of cancer cells.

The majority of cancer patients become very ill while undergoing chemotherapy and cannot eat. Protein-calorie malnutrition is a strong concern in these patients. Micronutrient deficiencies may occur. The common ones are B1, B2, niacin and folic acid. Chemotherapy can also cause deficiencies by inducing gastrointestinal disorders which may lead to malabsorption. This may cause vitamin B12, calcium, and magnesium deficiencies. A recent study has shown that there is up to 50% loss of plasma beta-carotene and lycopene following chemotherapy.

Physicians use different combinations of drugs for cancer chemotherapy. Some are designed to be "anti-vitamin." For example, methotrexate interferes with folic acid. Other anticancer drugs, like bleomycin and adryamicin, may act through a free-radical mechanism. When faced with chemotherapy, we always recommend that the physician should be advised of any dietary practices, including nutritional supplements, before the patient begins to take prescribed chemotherapy medication. Similarly, any changes in the nutritional program should be discussed with the physician if the patient is still taking prescribed medication.

During chemotherapy, it is wise not to take most supplements, especially B-Complex. An exception many, but not all, doctors allow is Daily Carotenoid Complex™ and Daily Flavonoid Complex™ during treatment, as they are whole food supplements. However, if a doctor disallows this supplement to be taken during chemotherapy, then of course the patient needs to heed his or her instructions. After chemotherapy is completed, or if there is a period during which the chemotherapeutic drug is not given, nutritional support is indicated.

Some chemotherapeutic drugs suppress the immune system; some are free radical inducers. Therefore, when the doctor indicates that supplements may be taken, it is important to rebuild immunity and increase the bodies’ antioxidant potential. Supplements that can be helpful are those containing B-vitamins, multi-minerals, zinc, and the antioxidant vitamins C and E and Carotenoids and Flavonoids. The combination of a good diet with logical supplementation is the best path to follow for the patient recovering from cancer chemotherapy.

Q. What is GNLD USA’s Pharmaceutical License Number and what is this license for?

A. We’re very proud of our Drug Manufacturing License, and would be happy to share that information with you, as this is one of the many distinctions that reflects the GNLD Difference in Quality.

GNLD’s manufacturing arm, Natural Formulas, maintains a Drug Manufacturing License (#40708) issued by the State of California, Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch, even though we do not manufacture drugs. This license not only means that our products are made to pharmaceutical standards, but that we maintain a strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Additionally, every aspect of our operation is open to unannounced inspection by the FDA to confirm that we follow Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as well as GMPs. While there is no law that requires supplement manufacturers, such as Natural Formulas, to meet the stringent standards required of drug manufacturers, we voluntarily subject ourselves to such scrutiny to help us assure the finest quality of products and to preserve consumer confidence. We have maintained our Drug Manufacturing License for more than 15 years.

In addition to maintaining our Drug Manufacturing License, several of our key personnel hold manufacturing licenses issued by the State of California Board of Pharmacy. For companies in California, these licenses supersede a drug manufacturing license from the U.S. FDA. It is exactly this type of combined effort of both our company and our staff that keeps GNLD on the leading edge of nutrition, quality, and service year after year after year.