GNLD GR2 Control Weight Loss Program


How the program works
Each day, you’ll enjoy two delicious meal replacement protein shakes, two satisfying mini-meals, and a healthy, traditional main meal. To help regulate your energy levels, keep your fat burning momentum going strong, and heighten your feeling of fullness, you’ll take two GR2 Control Appetite Reducer fiber tablets and one herbal Thermogenic Enhancer tablet prior to drinking your meal replacement shakes.

The mini-meals satisfy your desires for snacks, and are great mid-day treats. For example, your mini-meal might be a slice of 100% whole wheat bread or toast and a sliced hardboiled egg. Or, it could be a half-cup of grapes and a half-cup of low fat cottage cheese. The great thing about mini-meals is that they’re popular foods that are readily available.

Main meal
The program is so flexible, you can have your main meal for either lunch or dinner! The meal features delicious protein such as grilled chicken, filet of sole, or pork loin. (There are also tasty vegetarian options.) And you’ll enjoy foods like wild rice, steamed green beans, and fruit. Again, your traditional meal features foods that are everyday favorites you and your family can enjoy!

Food choices
The foods you can select from are low-glycemic-response foods. You’ll see the entire list in your “Enjoy and Avoid” booklet. In a short time, your body will be “re-educated” about the types of foods that are appropriate for weight loss. You’ll know the difference between just eating and feeling satisfied. You’ll feel so good when you eat healthier foods, you’ll come to prefer them. And your efforts will certainly pay off!

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