GR2 Control Success : Africa

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solly beforeelizabeth beforesolly elizabethSolly & Elizabeth lost 28 kg (62 lbs.), 113 cm (44 inches) together

“We did it together and doubled our benefits!”

“GR2 Control is a weight loss programme that changes lives! Together we have lost more than 28 kilograms and we feel like a miracle has happened in our lives! Today we are healthy from head-to-toe and we are enjoying the attention of everyone around us as they comment on how much healthier and happier we are. We enjoyed doing the weight loss programme together because we could support each other along the way and celebrate our losses as the weeks went by! This is the best programme for couples who want to change the way they look and feel!”
— Solly & Elizabeth Vilakazi, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa


wendy beforewendy after

Wendy lost 15.5 kg (34 lbs.) and 44 cm (17 inches)!

“I don’t know who is more excited — me or my husband!”

“Wow! Do you know what it feels like to have gone from a size 20 jeans to a 14 in just two-and-a-half months!! My weight loss seemed to speed up as my body started realising the benefits of this incredible programme. GR2 Control is so easy to stick to — no weighing of portions — simply drink your two daily meal replacement shakes and follow the sensible ‘enjoy’ and ‘avoid’ food guidelines and you will experience the benefits for yourself! As the weight started to fall off I just got more and more excited, and when my husband started seeing the results, he encouraged me even more. At this stage, I’m not sure who is more excited — him or me! There is no easier, more sensible programme that is such a pleasure to follow. It makes you feel great and it works! Thanks to GR2 Control, I am on the road to slimness again at last!”
— Wendy Nel, Benoni, South Africa


stanley beforestanley afterStanley lost 8.5 kg (19 lbs.) in 10 weeks!

“GR2 Control gets the thumbs up from the coach!

“I am the coach of a Soccer Team, and in the past I had to hire a fitness trainer to train the team because I could not keep up — now I can do it myself! I can run for 90 minutes and it feels good to be carrying less weight and have more energy. The GR2 Control programme is as easy as 1-2-3 or A-B-C — your Protein Shake, Thermogenic Enhancer and Appetite Reducer added to a healthier way of eating is all it takes. It is easy to follow and does not require a lot of time to prepare the mini-meals!”
— Stanley Rabedzwana, Kempton Park, South Africa