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GNLD has taken the science of weight loss to an unprecedented level with the GR2 Control Weight Loss Program. With GR2 Control, you benefit from the sum effort of countless science and health professionals working with the single-minded purpose of creating nothing short of the finest weight loss program available anywhere. No other program can match GNLD’s combination of scientific backing, testing and real world results.

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Solid Scientific Foundation
A product of three years of research and investigation, GR2 Control is solidly based on the latest scientific data regarding weight loss.

After researching all existing data suggesting a link between obesity, disease, and diet, the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Global Science Network (GSN) discovered a disturbing trend. Over the past several decades there has been an alarmingly increased intake of “insulin-inducing” carbohydrates in the average adult’s diet. This trend was strongly correlated with a dramatic increase in excess weight and obesity, as well as diabetes.

Further investigation showed that the body’s “glycemic response” to carbohydrates (meaning how quickly blood glucose levels rise, and in what amounts, as a result of consuming a carbohydrate), was the culprit. High glycemic response diets set people up for weight gain, even when calories were not excessive. Armed with this knowledge, they concluded that if one could control his/her glycemic response to foods, one could control the way the body uses energy and creates and stores fat, and possibly help avoid disease.

Glucose: A doubled-edged sword!
At the foundation of the program is an in-depth understanding of how the body produces, uses and controls glucose. The body recognizes blood glucose as both an essential partner of energetic health and a potentially lethal adversary as well. The reason is that glucose is the basic carbohydrate energy unit that circulates through the bloodstream to our cells. However, it also has the potential to damage that same circulatory system if levels remain too high for too long. Thus, when blood glucose levels exceed certain predetermined upper limits, the body needs to lower those levels rapidly. To do that it secretes insulin, which enters the bloodstream and causes glucose to be lowered.

Glycemic response and overall health
As we have learned more and more about how the body responds to carbohydrates, many leading scientists have come to believe that specific advantages can be gained by keeping the body’s glycemic response as controlled as possible. Eating a lower glycemic response diet results in lower, less dramatic elevations of blood glucose. This in turn means less insulin needs to be secreted. Secreting less insulin helps reduce the risk of diabetes because the body’s ability to make insulin is not continually overtaxed. Additionally, secreting less insulin is associated with more heart-healthy blood lipid levels, in particular lower triglycerides and higher HDL (good) cholesterol. Thus, it is thought that lower insulin secretion helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

science 36Glycemic response and weight loss
One of the most interesting aspects of low glycemic response foods is that because they are converted to glucose and enter the bloodstream more slowly, they also provide more even and more lasting energy. Because they cause less insulin to be secreted, blood glucose levels stay within “safe” parameters and leave the blood more gradually and over a longer period of time. The result is a longer period of satiety (the state of hunger satisfaction) before hunger signals return. The advantage is that the longer one remains in satiety, the lower the amount of food that is eaten overall.

There is another important benefit of controlling the glycemic response of the diet when it comes to weight loss. The main line of reasoning for this relates to the “secondary” effects associated with glycemic response events.

Whenever a high glycemic response event occurs, blood glucose levels exceed the “controlled glycemic response zone” monitored by the body’s biochemical guard posts. When blood glucose value exceeds the upper limits of this zone, the body responds by secreting insulin. Frequently this causes a glycemic “roller coaster” as blood glucose levels move from high (hyperglycemia) to low (hypoglycemia).

Aside from causing a near constant demand for insulin secretion, two important secondary signals are sent out.

science 37The first signal causes the body to go into fat storage mode. As the insulin secretions cause glucose to be cleared from the blood, the body must have a place to store it. It can’t just leave the glucose lying around somewhere. It must do something with it. It is left with no choice but to convert it to fat and store it.

The second signal causes fat utilization for energy purposes to be curtailed. With blood glucose levels running high and fat storage signals occurring, the body knows there is no need for more energy to be provided and thus shuts down fat utilization for energy purposes.

If you visualize this as a warehouse, materials would be coming in at a more rapid pace than they would be leaving. As you cannot stop this process, the warehouse has no choice but to expand. In other words, with your body as the warehouse, you leave it no choice but to grow larger with stored fat.

When this process repeats itself over and over throughout the day, week after week, month after month, year after year, the body is predisposed to gaining fat. It has no choice.

The Glycemic Response Control Advantage
The advantages of Glycemic Response Control (GR2 Control) to the average person in everyday life are obvious, and significant. When it comes to weight loss, however, it can make a huge difference.

science 38By applying Glycemic Response Control, three very important weight loss advantages occur.

1. By keeping the glycemic response within the “controlled zone,” insulin secretions are correspondingly low, blood glucose levels are sustained over prolonged periods as available energy, and feelings of hunger are staved off longer, meaning fewer overall calories are needed to be “comfortable.”

2. Because blood glucose is not constantly being cleared from the blood, fat conversion and storage are greatly reduced.

3. Because fat storage is slowed, fat utilization is increased.

To use the warehouse analogy again, when energy levels in the blood are within the “controlled zone,” the warehouse’s fat storage doors are closed, while at the same time the fat burning doors are open. Over time, that means you lose weight!

Serum Glucose Response ReportWe have the science to prove it!

Human Clinical Trials — GR2 Control has been tested in a leading research facility to prove that it does help the body to control its glycemic response. Subjects were given a serving of GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake and blood samples were taken afterward to determine the glycemic response the body produced to process the drink. A mass market competitor’s weight loss drink and a typical American breakfast were also tested in the same manner. When the results were compared, GR2 Control’s response was consistently more stable and lower than all of the other products that were tested.

“Real World” Human Trials — Tested in “real world” conditions, the GR2 Control Weight Loss Program was used during an 8-week weight loss trial with over 50 volunteers. Results of the trial were amazing: the group lost a total of 604 lbs. in only 8 weeks! In fact, one volunteer lost 37 lbs. during the trial period. Volunteers reported feeling more energetic and not hungry while on the program. Even more importantly, they reported that the program was easy to live with on a day-to-day basis and provided a pleasant variety of meal recommendations.

Published Scientific Results — Results of our human clinical trials are soon to be presented by SAB member, Dr. Arianna Carughi, at a national scientific symposium and will then be targeted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

GR2 Control puts the science of Glycemic Response to work for you!
With GR2 Control, the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board has taken the science of healthy weight loss to a new level. The whole program focuses on and utilizes the latest understanding of glycemic response to lower insulin secretion demands, keeping you off the glycemic roller coaster and out of the insulin trap. It provides sustained feelings of satisfaction between meals, maintains balanced and controlled energy levels over longer periods of time, and keeps “fat storage doors” closed and “fat burning doors” open.

Biochemical Synergy — GR2 Control products are specifically formulated to have a synergistic effect on the body’s mechanisms that control and influence hunger, satiety, fullness, and fat storage and utilization. When all of the GR2 Control Weight Loss Program products are used together, they transform your body from fat storage mode, to fat burning mode.

Leading-edge science is the basis for the entire GR2 Control program. From our unique product formulations, to our exercise and lifestyle suggestions, GR2 Control is truly an incredible program that can help anyone who wants to lose weight, improve health and feel better. Formulated with supervision and input from the SAB and GSN, GR2 Control is truly on the cutting edge of weight loss science.

Put the power of Glycemic Response Control to work for weight loss — not against it!

That’s the GNLD Difference!

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