NeoLife Glucose Balance Lower Blood Sugar Inflammation

NeoLife Glucose Balance Lower Blood Sugar Inflammation. NeoLife’s exclusive formula combines ancient wisdom drawn from Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, backed by leading-edge modern clinical science. These powerful whole food ingredients include a proprietary Ayurvedic Botanical Blend with Chromium, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Turmeric.

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• NEUROLOGICAL: behavioral disturbances, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, impaired memory & cognitive function

• MUSCULAR: cramps, weakness, tics, spasms, impaired coordination, tremors, vertigo

• CARDIOVASCULAR: irregular or rapid heartbeat, coronary spasms

• SKELETAL: weak bones, low bone density

• METABOLIC: poor glucose control

Why NeoLife’s Magnesium Complex?

NeoLife Magnesium Complex is a magnesium supplement containing bioavailable magnesium from three main sources (Tri-Mag Blend) complemented by whole food phytonutrients (PhytoMag Blend).

NeoLife Tri-Mag Blend provides 300 mg of magnesium per two tablet serving from three main sources.

• Double amino acid chelated magnesium bound to glycine, to provide a highly bioavailable and absorbable form of magnesium. Double amino acid mineral chelation was developed by Dr. Arthur Furst.

• Tri-magnesium citrate is an organically bound natural source of magnesium with high bioavailability.

• Magnesium oxide has the highest concentration of magnesium and is easily absorbed.