NeoLifeTea 30 servings each box


NeoLife Tea 30 servings each box, our exclusive Energy Blend ingredients comprise of a unique combination of carefully selected green, black, and white teas (Camellia sinensis) brimming with rejuvenating antioxidants, and naturally occurring caffeine. They promote instant energy, fat burning, and efficient metabolism.*

Our unique Adaptogen Blend includes standardized extracts of Panax ginseng, Codonopsis pilosula and Rhodiola rosea herbs known to promote mental alertness and well-being.*

  • Naturally sweetened with honey, and only 5 calories per serving.
  • Mixes instantly in water.
  • Enjoy hot or cold.

Each convenient stick contains our exclusive Energy Blend of green, black, and white tea, as well as our exclusive Adaptogen Blend of Ginseng, Codonopsis, and Rhodiola.

  • Delicious, refreshing, and packed with antioxidants
  • Naturally sweetened with honey
  • Mixes instantly in water.
  • Enjoy hot or cold
  • Convenient on-the-go sticks
  • All ingredients are GMO-free
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added.
  • Only 5 calories per serving


An energizing thermogenic herbal tea blend for a delicious and refreshing natural boost of energy. NeoLifeTea gives you a quick and safe pick-me-up. Our exclusive Energy Blend ingredients promote instant energy, fat burning, and efficient metabolism.* Adaptogenic herbs enhance mental alertness and well-being.*

Additional information

Weight1.3 oz
Suggested Use

Mix 1/2 stick (1.8g) per 8 fl. oz. of hot or cold water.

Other Ingredients

NeoLife Energy Blend 661 mg per serving; Camellia sinensis extract (green tea, black tea, white tea), Natural caffeine, Green Tea extract (standardized to 94% EGCG)
NeoLife Adaptogen Blend 55 mg per serving; Panax ginseng extract (root) (standardized to 7% ginsenosides), Codonopsis pilosula extract (root) (standardized to 10% polysaccharides), Rhodiola rosea extract (rhizome) (standardized to 10% rosavins)
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Fructose, natural lemon flavor, maltodextrin, honey,
and soy lecithin.


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