UPBEET Superfood Drink Mix


UpBeet goes beyond other pre-workout supplements by using two different pathways to activate nitric oxide production


Each refreshing serving delivers a powerhouse blend of superfoods and botanicals that help elevate nitric oxide levels to boost stamina and endurance while supporting healthy circulation.*

1. Activation Blend of beetroot, kale and Joseph’s coat provides dietary nitrates that the body can convert to nitric oxide.*

2. Fitness Blend of moringa leaves, pomegranate peel and black ginger root stimulates production of nitric oxide inside the body. Black ginger and pomegranate help to enhance the bioavailability of nitric oxide.*

Designed to work. 59% of consumers say they want scientific proof that supplements will work before they’ll buy them.1 UpBeet includes research-backed ingredients and delivers 70 mg of dietary nitrates per serving, more than the 60 mg dose shown in research to support heart health.*2

Designed for absorption. The botanicals and delivery format were carefully chosen to do the heavy lifting by making UpBeet’s benefits more easily available.

• Black ginger has been studied for its ability to enhance both the production and bioavailability of nitric oxide.*

• Pomegranate peel has been shown to augment the biological action of nitric oxide as well as protect it against oxidative destruction.*

• Powdered drink mix delivery boosts bioavailability by starting the absorption process in the mouth then continuing in the stomach when saliva is swallowed.* By contrast, taking dietary nitrates in pill form bypasses oral absorption, which can then decrease the overall amount of dietary nitrates absorbed in the body.

Convenient single-serve packaging. Each box contains 30 on-the-go sticks pre-measured with one serving of powder that dissolves quickly in water, making them a convenient fit for your active lifestyle. Pop them in a gym bag, take them on the trail or on the road.

Delicious Mixed Berry flavor. Three quarters of Americans surveyed say they do not like to eat beets as a cooked vegetable. Anecdotally, many online reviewers of beetroot-based pre-workout drinks complain about the flavor, though most say they’ll drink them anyway for the benefits. Mixed berry-flavored UpBeet doesn’t make you choose. It provides the benefits of beets without sacrificing taste.

Organic and GMO free ingredients. Made with the highest-quality organic beets and kale along with GMO free Joseph’s coat, pomegranate peel and botanicals.

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