Dr. Arthur Furst


Arthur Furst, Founding Member Emeritus, SAB, 
Ph.D., Sc.D., D.A.T.S.

Dr. Arthur Furst acted as Senior Member of the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board for 25 years. He retired in January 2000 at the age of 85 to focus more time on developing some of his other interests! Dr. Furst maintained contact with GNLD and met regularly with SAB members until his passing in December of 2005. Dr. Furst received his A.B. and M.A. in Chemistry and Math from the University of California, Los Angeles, his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford University, and his Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) from the University of San Francisco, a degree awarded for his pioneering work in toxicology. Having served in several different professional capacities at Stanford, the University of San Francisco, and the University of California, Los Angeles, Dr. Furst retired from academia in 1980. Dr. Furst was reconfirmed as a Diplomate of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences (D.A.T.S.), a distinction held by fewer than 100 scientists worldwide!
Dr. Furst’s name is internationally recognized in academic circles for his scientific achievements in toxicology and cancer research. He pioneered research of compounds even before the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute were established. He was a founder of the Stanford Cancer Chemotherapy Laboratory.



Dr. Arthur Furst
1914 – 2005

Dr. Arthur Furst, Founding Member Emeritus and “spiritual leader” of GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board, is internationally regarded as a pioneer in toxicology and cancer research. Dr. Furst founded the Stanford Cancer Chemotherapy Laboratory and was at the forefront of disease-prevention science for 50 years. Many of his discoveries led to groundbreaking GNLD products, and his enormous talent, energy, dedication, and vision are major reasons why, year after year, GNLD has delivered such leading-edge products to fulfill genuine human needs.

af lecture Inspired by Dr. Furst’s pioneering research and his contributions to human health, the Arthur Furst Lecture Series on Nutrition and Disease Prevention presents current, scientifically based knowledge about the composition of food, the physiology and biochemistry of the body, and the interactions between the two. This annual lecture series is presented by the Health Library at Stanford and is made possible by a grant from GNLD International.

af usfaward
Created in 1995, the annual GNLD-Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship honors an undergraduate science major at the University of San Francisco for demonstrating remarkable academic ability and the talent for making discoveries to advance science and human understanding.


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