David Shepherd

SAB Shepherd

David Shepherd, Ph.D.

Dr. Shepherd received his B.S. from Durham University (United Kingdom),
and his M.S. and Doctorate degrees in Microbial Biochemistry from Manchester University (U.K.). He completed his postdoctoral studies in Microbial Enzymology at the University of California, Davis.
A world-renowned biochemist and expert in phytochemicals, Dr. Shepherd’s 20+ years of experience includes 16 scientific publications, 12 patents, and extensive experience in more than 40 international markets as Worldwide Director of Food Beverages for one of the world’s largest food companies.
Dr. Shepherd has a broad background in manufacturing and widespread involvement in the European scientific and technical communities. He is an authority on all aspects of food technology, from food biochemistry and raw materials, to food and beverage development, manufacture, and distribution. He is knowledgeable about the history of whole foods, the establishment of a global food supply, and how current market trends affect nutrient diversity and availability.
Dr. Shepherd is a strong believer in natural approaches to health and longevity, and believes that dietary supplementation is essential to achieving long-term good health.