Long-term safety has never been a more important consideration for supplement users than it is today. To meet the current consumer demand for “natural” ingredients, companies have introduced raw materials from natural sources like bark and algae. These “natural” substances have never been a part of the human diet, so we have no way of knowing if they are “biocompatible,” that is – safe for lifetime consumption. The human body may not even be equipped to properly process these substances!
          At GNLD, assuring that our products are “biocompatible” is an important part of product development. Before we approve the use of any raw material, it must not only pass rigorous laboratory tests for quality, purity and function, it must also pass our biocompatibility criteria:

  • Is the substance normally part of the human food chain?

  • Does it have a long history of safe use?

  • Does it match up to nature’s blueprint for human nutrition?Family

          What would happen if someone consumed this material every day for 20 years, 50 years, or a lifetime?
  By committing ourselves to developing products based on whole-food, human-food-chain raw materials, GNLD goes a step beyond day-to-day nutrition, supporting your good health today and promoting a healthier tomorrow!

          Add Life to Your Year with Nutrient Diversity
Research shows that many natural foods contain “families” of health-promoting nutrients. Using this concept, GNLD’s full-spectrum supplements deliver the variety of nutrients found in an optimal serving of food – ensuring nutrient diversity!
          Nutrient Density Makes a Healthy Difference
There’s a gap between what you eat and the amount of nutrients science shows you need to support health. For example, to get the minimum 30 IU RDA for vitamin E, you’d have to eat 124 slices of whole wheat bread, 12 oz. of peanut butter or 8 dozen eggs! GNLD’s whole-food supplements deliver highly concentrated families of critical nutrients – that’s nutrient density!
          GNLD Supplements: Nutritional Insurance for
Optimal Health and Vitality

With GNLD’s full-spectrum whole-food supplements, you can increase the levels of nutrients and broaden the variety in your diet. By ensuring nutrient density and diversity, GNLD can help complete and optimize your daily nutritional intake – helping you live a longer, healthier life!