Zinc is a critical nutrient in the prevention of pneumonia and diarrhea in children

A study from the December issue of The Journal of Pediatrics suggests that zinc is a critical nutrient for children, and a deficiency of this essential nutrient may have life- threatening consequences.* The authors suggest that zinc is intimately involved with the immune system and a deficiency compromises the body's ability to combat sickness and immune challenges. The World Health Organization reported that the leading cause of death, diarrhea and pneumonia in undeveloped countries can be reduced with zinc supplements. The study suggests that child mortality rates could be diminished by as much as 41% with zinc supplementation. For those with children, proper zinc intake is paramount in the battle against the immune challenges children are exposed to daily. Zinc is naturally found in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but the diets of many children are lacking in these foods. Supplementation is an effective way to ensure your child receives an optimum intake of zinc.

* REFERENCES: Hambidge, M., Krebs, N., Zinc, diarrhea, and pneumonia , The Journal of Pediatrics, December 1999, Volume 135, Number 6.