GNLD GR2 Control FAQ

. Our SAB has also had two of the world’s leading toxicologists participating in the process; Dr. Arthur Furst (prior to his recent retirement) and Dr. Gordon Newell, both Diplomates of the American College of Toxicology. These, along with the other members of the SAB, Drs. Fred Hooper, Arianna Carughi and David Shepherd, have worked hard assuring the safety of Ace-K, as they do all raw materials used in GNLD products. The information provided to us through that research and investigation tells us Ace-K is safe, effective and appropriate for use in the GR2 Control product line.

Q. What if I suffer from hypoglycemia – can I use the program?

A. Most individuals with hypoglycemia need a diet that helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, and GR2 Control is a perfect way of doing so. In fact, GR2 Control is specifically formulated to help you maintain a constant blood sugar level throughout the day. With GR2 Control, you will not experience the “glycemic roller coaster” that triggers hypoglycemia. If you are on medication for hypoglycemia, you should consult with your doctor before using the GR2 Control Weight Loss Program.

Q. What if I have Type I or Type II diabetes?

A. The GR2 Control Weight Loss Program was formulated using knowledge gained from diabetic diets. For those who are non-insulin dependent (Type II diabetes), GR2 Control is an excellent program to help keep blood sugar in control.
      For Type I diabetics who rely on insulin, GR2 Control is a fantastic program that will help you maintain steady blood sugar levels, but we do suggest that you consult with your doctor to ensure that the program meets your exact needs.

Q. Can I use the program if I have thyroid problems?

A. Yes, you can! Although many people with hypo/hyperthyroid conditions do not need to lose weight, those who do can use GR2 Control and enjoy all the benefits our program has to offer.

Q. My doctor says I have heart disease. Can I still use the program?

A. Most adults who are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease can improve their health by using GR2 Control. Our weight loss program supports your efforts to decrease the risk factors that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. GR2 Control Weight Loss Program not only helps you lose weight, it also offers an explosion of health benefits not found in any other weight loss program.

Q. Can I use the program if I’m taking prescription medications?

A. In most cases, yes, you can. Millions of adults rely on some form of prescription medication daily for treatment of a variety of ailments. The vast majority of these require no special dietary restrictions. But there are a few medications that do require a very specific diet.

Q. Would it be advisable to add PhytoDefense to the GR2 Control program?

A. Absolutely! While we encourage optimum consumption of fruits and vegetables in our mini-meal and main meal choices, you may still fall short of the optimal 9 servings a day. To help insure you get the full benefits of a diet rich in phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, supplement with PhytoDefense!

Q. What are vegetarian substitutes for meats, besides tofu?

A. Besides tofu, vegetarians can make stews prepared with low glycemic index grains, such as couscous, quinoa, bulgar, tabbouleh, barley, or wild rice. Legumes, such as lentils, beans (pinto, red, black, kidney, white), peas (split, black-eyed), and chickpeas not only have a low glycemic index, but also add lots of protein to the diet. Tempeh and milk products are also excellent sources of protein and calcium. Plus, ovo- vegetarians can consume eggs as part of their meals.
The vegetarian lunches on page 22 of the Success Guide can also be used for dinner. Additionally, a healthy, balanced vegetarian meal can be easily designed by using the Enjoy/Avoid booklet.

Q. Some of us are losing weight very slowly, counter to the claims and testimonies. Would a loss of six pounds and 1-2 inches in 2 weeks be normal?

A. Actually that’s very good! Keep in mind that weight loss rates will vary, as they are dependent on many different factors. For example, people who don’t have as much weight to lose may take off the pounds slower than someone with more to lose may. And, some people may be sticking with the plan, while others might be altering it to suit their own preferences. Those that stick to the plan as outlined in the Success Guide will experience results faster than those who don’t. However, we can assure you that someone who has lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks is definitely on the road to success!

Q. Is it true that the Enjoy/Avoid guide is only for dinner? Can any substitutions be made for the mini-meals, or will more suggestions be added later?

A. The Enjoy/Avoid booklet is designed to help the user in several ways. Primarily, the booklet helps GR2 Control participants pick items for their main meal. Additionally, the Enjoy/Avoid booklet provides guidelines for meal choices when a GR2 Control shake is not available, like at a party or when dining out. And lastly, the booklet helps the user to make wise food choices when at the supermarket. By using the guide in these circumstances, the participant can choose foods that are both nutritious and are part of the program. Finally, the booklet gives food choices for those that have met their weight loss goals and are now in a maintenance phase.
The mini-meal suggestions should not be substituted, as they are designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with the program. However, we will be adding mini-meal suggestions as time goes by.

Q. Should breads be checked for sugar content? Is there an allowable range, since most have some sweetener in them? What about oils?

A. If a GR2 Control participant is choosing breads based on the Enjoy list, the minor differences in oils or sugars will not make a difference in the overall program. However, if a participant has narrowed the choices down to two different breads, then go with the one that has fewer sugars or more fiber.

Q. Are we to be watching the total grams of sugar in various products? Are sugar-free flavored yogurts allowed?

A. Yes, sugar-free flavored yogurts are allowed, and are listed in the Enjoy/Avoid booklet under the Enjoy, Dairy, Other heading. Keep in mind that if one is choosing food choices based on the Enjoy list, then minor variations between brands will not negatively impact the program. GR2 Control is not a low carbohydrate program, thus the participants need carbohydrates for energy.

Q. It would be helpful to have the serving sizes listed on the pages of the Enjoy/Avoid booklet.

A. The Enjoy/Avoid booklet was designed to be a pocket guide that could be taken anywhere, easily. Because we do not have enough room on the pages of the Enjoy/Avoid booklet to list serving size, we have given some examples of serving sizes in the Success Guide, both on pages 17-19 (mini-meals) and on page 22 (serving sizes in general). Additionally, serving size is normally listed on the label for foods like cheeses, nuts, and legumes. For fruits and vegetables, a 1/2 cup to 1 cup is usually recommended. Fruits like apples and pears that can be eaten whole would be counted as one serving.
We have purposefully stayed away from designating strict serving sizes, as the program is designed with the thought that the participants on it are sensible enough not to go overboard. For example, if someone had two cups of watermelon cubes with their dinner meal, it would be okay, whereas a whole watermelon wouldn’t be wise. However, there aren’t too many people out there (if any) who would eat a whole watermelon in one sitting, so we didn’t feel we had to concern ourselves with stipulating serving size. The rule of thumb is if you think you have too much food, then you probably do! Stick to one helping per food choice, and you’ll be just fine.

Q. When would one eat the sweets and treats listed in the Enjoy/Avoid booklet?

A. Sweets and treats would be best eaten after the main meal, as a dessert.

What is the amino acid breakdown for GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake?

A. Each flavor of GR2 Meal Replacement Protein Shake has slightly different components. The different flavors vary slightly in their amino acid totals. The following list gives a range of amino acids across flavors.

Milligrams per serving
Amino Acid
* = Essential Amino Acids
GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake
Serving Size:36 grams
Isoleucine*834 – 854
Leucine*1472 – 1509
Lysine*1222 – 1247
Methionine*355 – 363
Cysteine & Cystine165 – 179
Phenylalanine*882 – 911
Threonine*757 – 780
Tryptophan*220 – 228
Valine*930 – 962
Histidine483 – 494
Arginine1008 – 1035
Asparagine & Aspartic Acid1609 – 1652
Serine957 – 992
Glutamine & Glutamic Acid3413 – 3510
Hydroxyproline & Proline1357 – 1383
Glycine540 – 568
Alanine642 – 674
Tyrosine776 – 795


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