Wouldn’t it be better to tackle the underlying causes of indigestion the lack of making your food of any use. Additionally, support optimal digestion and nutrient absorption?

The Causes Of Indigestion
As we age, the biological mechanisms that create the digestive secretions that help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates tend to decrease in output. Thus, the food you eat is not completely digested, creating indigestion. When you take an antacid to help alleviate these symptoms, you are, in effect, neutralizing what little acid you already have in your stomach. This sets up the intestine to receive partially digested food, which in turn creates further indigestion. Food choices can also wreak havoc on your system. Some foods, such as high-fiber foods and beans, create more gas than others, and are more difficult to fully digest. We often “overload” our digestive tract with too much food from overeating.

Turn Indigestion Into “Pro-Digestion”
Beta-Zyme supports “pro-digestion” by supplying the body with the digestive enzymes and acids that support complete digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, including lactose. By helping the body to completely digest all of the food it takes in, Beta-Zyme can help alleviate the symptoms of insufficient digestive secretions or overeating.*

Complete Digestive Approach
Complete digestion ensures that your body receives the maximum amount of nutrients from the foods you eat. Beta-Zyme doesn’t “neutralize” vital stomach acid, it supports its many critical functions. An effective blend of stomach-targeted Beta-Gest and intestine-targeted Enzyme Digestive Aid, Beta-Zyme alleviates the causes of indigestion at every point in the digestive process. By making your digestive system more efficient, Beta-Zyme actually prevents occasional indigestion, rather than simply relieving some of its symptoms.*

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Beta-Gest: Stomach Targeted

  • Contains hydrochloric acid, which is critical for vitamin and mineral absorption, protein breakdown, pepsin activation and to kill harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.*
  • Supports the stomach’s action of nutrient breakdown in preparation for absorption.*
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Enzyme Digestive Aid

Enzyme Digestive Aid: Intestine Targeted

  • Exclusive formula contains enzymes to facilitate digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.*
  • Targeted delivery tablet is pH sensitive to survive the acidic environment of the stomach and release its active agents in the intestine.
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Beta-Zyme: Enter The “Comfort Zone”
With Beta-Zyme, you can enjoy the foods you love without the effects you hate. Instead of treating the symptoms of occasional stomach and intestinal indigestion and possibly exacerbating the problem, use Beta-Zyme to address and eliminate the causes.*

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